SABECO invests to expand brewing capacity

26th Nov 2019 - Saigon Beer-Alcohol-Beverage Corporation (SABECO) recently announced that it is ramping up investment to expand the brewing capacity of its existing ecosystem of breweries.

“The investment project is part of the next phase of SABECO’s business development plan. It also shows our commitment to continue investing and growing the Vietnamese market. In addition to investing in brand development and market expansion to maintain our leading position in Vietnam, SABECO will continue to invest in developing our infrastructure and expand our brewing capacity so that we can improve business efficiencies and meet the growing market demand,” shared Mr. Bennett Neo, General Director, SABECO.

The Brewing Capacity Expansion Project is expected to be kick started at the Saigon Cu Chi, Quang Ngai, and Soc Trang breweries in the coming months.

The investment project includes upgrading and expanding the existing infrastructure at the current breweries, as well as installing new equipment, bringing into use an integrated management system to enhance automated production, reduce energy consumption and support efficient manufacturing management.

The auxiliary facilities such as waste and wastewater treatment will be updated to respond to the expanded production capacity and demands. The breweries are built based on green manufacturing standards and environment protection.

Besides, SABECO's investment project also focuses on application of advanced technologies to minimize environmental impact, including the use of solar power to cu manufacturing energy consumption

In addition, the project will also help improve the capabilities of the current workforce at the factories as well as developing supporting industries in the supply chain. After its completion, SABECO's production capacity will cater to the growing needs of the market and increase the contribution to provincial and state budget

 Mr. Neo shared, “With this investment, we hope to further strengthen our well-loved brands, bring our products to more Vietnamese consumers, and accelerate our momentum in promoting Vietnam's pride. Additionally, this also affirms our commitment to pursue sustainable development in Vietnam.”



 With more than 140 years of brewing history, Saigon Beer – Alcohol – Beverage Corporation (“SABECO”) has established itself as one of Vietnam’s leading companies.

 SABECO includes 26 breweries and 10 trading subsidiaries and has a distribution network consisting of 100,000 retailers nationwide. SABECO is proud to offer a brand portfolio which consists of some of the most well-loved beer brands in Vietnam, including Bia Saigon Special, Bia Saigon Export, Bia Saigon Lager, Bia Saigon Gold and Bia 333.

 Our flagship brand, Bia Saigon has been consistently recognized for its outstanding quality by prestigious local and international organizations. It has previously been recognized as a “National Brand” of Vietnam for several years. Most recently, it has received a gold medal at the International Brewing Awards 2019 (IBAs) and the Gold Prize at the International Beer Cup 2019 (IBC) in Japan. 

 SABECO follows a sustainable business model centered on upholding our brand values and continuing to be the Pride of Vietnam. We are guided in this by our 4C Commitments whose pillars represent our long-term strategic focus areas: Consumption, Conservation, Country, and Culture.

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